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Flexible. Collaborative. Secure.

Montage is a wireless presentation system that allows up to 6 users, whether they’re in-room, remote or on a different network to wirelessly cast their device to a meeting room screen.

Trusted and loved by businesses around the world

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Why Montage?

Montage breaks down the barriers that stand in the way of effectively sharing information and ideas in your meeting spaces. Barriers like device types, location of attendees, networks, need for hardware, lost dongles, security issues.

Designed for collaboration at work, it’s available as hardware or software, can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements, comes with enterprise-grade security and can be centrally managed and deployed.

Join with any device

Experience the full features of Montage from any device. With one touch or click, up to 6 users can instantly connect, present and collaborate from any mobile or laptop.

*MacOS users can connect via Chrome browser or AirPlay.


Join from anywhere

Don’t let networks and location stand in the way of presenting your work. Contribute to the meeting from anywhere.

You don’t have to be in the room to be part of the discussion. You can view and share to the main screen, from anywhere. And, the in-app video and voice allows you to join in the conversation.

Present from a guest network

With Montage, guests can connect and wirelessly present even when connected to a guest network. Montage ensures that no matter what the network, the experience is the same.


Collaboration made easy


Presenter mode

Seamlessly switch between presenters without unplugging cables or passing dongles.


In-app voice & video

Reduce unnecessary travel. Use your device’s microphone and webcam to talk live with other meeting attendees.

Media player

Play video files and share web pages with the meeting room display without any lag or latency.

Built-in whiteboard

Sketch out your ideas, take notes, annotate to highlight a point then share it with your team.

File sharing

Upload your files during the meeting and send it to everyone. No emails. No pen drives. No nonsense.

Screen capture

Screenshot what’s on the main screen. Save it for later or add your own feedback and send it to your team.

“Wireless Presentation that brings flexibility and mobility to the enterprise”

– Tech Target

Tailor your solution

Want a wireless presentation solution that can be tailored to meet your organisation’s security, compliance and branding recommendations?

Talk to us and discover how we’ve delivered tailored wireless presentation solutions to some of the world’s greatest organisations.

Your data is secure

Montage comes with enterprise grade security. Data is communicated over TLS and DTLS and protected with asymmetric encryption at 2048 bit with a 256 bit symmetric session key.


Every screen
Every meeting style

Montage works on every screen: touch, non-touch, UHD, 4K. It also works in every meeting style. So, whether your meetings are presenter driven or you prefer to huddle and cast your work, our solution is flexible enough to adapt.

Wireless presentation
online & offline

Montage works with your existing network infrastructure (DHCP or Static IP) and is configurable for more complex networks.

Even on networks that aren’t connected to the Internet or those across subnets, with Montage, you can still join and wirelessly present.

Software. Hardware. Or Both.

Montage is available as a software-only solution, a hardware solution, or a combination of both. You decide which works best for you…

Software-only solution

Software-based wireless presentation for every room. Install Montage onto your Mini PC, OPS or laptop and transform any meeting space into a collaborative hub.

Montage software allows up to 6 attendees on any device, in any location, on any network, to wirelessly cast to your host PC.

Recommended host PC specifications – Windows 10. Intel i5, 4th Generation Processor or above with 8GB of RAM. Maximum bandwidth 4Mbps per connected device.


Try Montage software for yourself

Full version for 14 days. No credit card required.

Hardware solution


All the power, performance and security of the Montage wireless presentation solution packed into a compact computing device.

Simply connect your Montage unit to a screen, power it on and your attendees are ready to start wirelessly presenting.

Network friendly

You can run your Montage device as a stand-alone access point, cable it to the network or connect it wirelessly.

Connect your equipment

With lots of ports, there’s also the ability to add cameras, audio, touch support, mouse control, network cable, audio jack, keyboard… you name it.

Want to see Montage in action?