10 best PowerPoint Alternatives for EMS Educators

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10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives for EMS Educators

Before changing presentation software, first change how you think about teaching EMT and paramedic students.

Microsoft PowerPoint has been a core piece of presentation and educational software since the 1990’s. Yet while PowerPoint allowed educators to revolutionize the way they delivered information, many stuck with familiar lecture techniques, essentially just reading lists of facts from the screen. Death by PowerPoint is still dreaded in classrooms, lecture halls and conference venues across the globe more than 20 years later.

So with this list of alternatives to PowerPoint, I also issue a warning: Before you change your software, you must first change how you think about teaching. Consider what techniques may be best for a particular EMS education lesson then choose the program that fits that method. Any EMT or paramedic educator who expects new software to improve the same old lecture techniques is headed for disappointment — both for them and for their students.

If you are looking to go fully interactive, consider using DisplayNote to connect the presentation at the front of the room with the small screens that every student brings with them to class. These classroom collaboration programs allow students to keep your slides for themselves, make notes on your slides with their own devices, like tablets and smartphones, and even share their work with you and their classmates.

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