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We’re on a mission to improve
how people share ideas and turn
those ideas into action

We Believe

Collaboration tools drive cultural change

Collaboration tools can drive cultural changes in an organisation — like developing products faster, less bureaucracy, sharing knowledge across boundaries and creating more focus on what’s important.

Meeting spaces should be productive

Meeting spaces should be as productive and effective as possible with no time wasted worrying about tech, who can join and what kind of content can be shared.

Collaboration should be real-time

Today’s mobile and continuous organisation means collaboration should take place in real time with coordination of work baked into the tools and easily accessible.

Some of the Team

Paul Brown CEO DisplayNote Technologies

Paul Brown – CEO

Andy Bell CTO DisplayNote Technologies

Andy Bell – CTO

Ed Morgan Head of Marketing DisplayNote Technologies

Eddie Morgan – CMO

Luke McSorley DisplayNote Technologies

Luke McSorley – Product Architect

Grainne Elliott Head of Digital Strategy DisplayNote Technologies

Grainne Elliott – Head of Digital Strategy

Miguel Del Amor Displaynote Technologies

Miguel Del Amor – Head of Product Engineering


Our Partners Love What We Do

DisplayNote technologies channel partners
DisplayNote technologies channel partners

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