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Add power to your huddle with wireless presentation systems.

14th May 2019

Been in any unproductive meetings lately? If so, you’re not alone. Learn how huddle rooms equipped with smart technology can put you on track for more effective meetings.

You may have heard about (or even tried) a relatively new iteration of meetings in recent years: It’s called the huddle, and it’s an answer to traditional but frustratingly ineffective settings for bringing people together to communicate and collaborate across enterprise and education.

And it’s is very much here to stay: There are now an estimated 30 - 50 million huddle rooms around the world.

Huddle rooms have reinvigorated the typical stale meeting setting, fostering teamwork, enhancing collaboration, and saving time on back-and-forth email or instant messaging updates.

At heart, huddles are based on informality and the ad hoc touch-base, but there is actually a tried-and-true formula to using huddles to boost productivity and accomplish your goals.

Here’s our guide to a more powerful huddle.

Make sure your huddles scale to a remote or global team.

A major benefit of huddles is that they have the ability to go beyond the walls of physical meeting spaces to include remote workers, students, and other collaborators in external locations through the use of video conferencing and wireless presentation systems.

Currently, huddles using video conferencing only account for 8.1% of all video meetings. However, as huddles become more universally adopted, that number is projected to skyrocket to represent almost 70% of video meetings by 2022.

Video-enabled meetings, rather than audio-only, are just part of the picture; wireless presentation is key to keeping your team aligned. Ensuring your huddle rooms are properly equipped for easy wireless sharing is worth the investment: Remote workers report experiencing higher levels of collaboration during online meetings than on phone calls or over email.

Another tip: Keep attendee numbers low, between two and eight people so those who are remote can have more input than they may in a larger meeting room setting. Facilitate this input via the use of a wireless presentation system that enables users to provide feedback, particularly if it uses software that features language support for the ultimate in inclusivity, such as DisplayNote Montage 3.1.

Make sure your huddles are high on tech, but low on formality.

It may seem counterintuitive, but take away the massive conference table and ergonomically correct chairs, and you’ll likely add increased productivity to your meeting. Huddle rooms are known for their more casual vibe for good reason. Outfitting your huddle room with comfortable seating options like bean bags or sofas and bright colors on the walls can encourage attendees to speak more freely and spark the creativity that may otherwise be stifled in a stuffy conference room.

Even the scheduling of huddles can be more free-wheeling. Having a huddle room on hand provides team members with a productive spot for impromptu sessions.

While informality reigns, a certain degree of structure is still important for effective huddles. Understanding the goal of the huddle, establishing attendees and designating a leader can all keep things on track and promote accountability.

Perhaps most important, provide the right technology (and training in that technology) so all huddle attendees can easily share content and collaborate in real time. Surprisingly, given the many benefits, “smart” huddle rooms - those equipped with wireless presentation systems - only make up 2% of huddle rooms worldwide.

Having a powerful, easy-to-use tech in place brings tangible advantages. Software like DisplayNote Montage 3.1 allows team members from anywhere to wirelessly connect from any laptop or mobile device on any network so they can seamlessly share and comment on all types of content, including video and documents, and even sketch ideas and annotate with a built-in whiteboard.


Creating a huddle room is an investment, but when designed correctly and with the right technology, these reinvented meeting spaces can provide an environment that stimulates jumps in productivity and fosters team member satisfaction.

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