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Kluber Architects + Engineers use DisplayNote Launcher to
facilitate hybrid working and improve remote collaboration.

13th December 2021


Based in Illinois, Kluber Architects + Engineers is an integrated design firm offering in-house architecture and engineering services. 

With a team of 30, they work with clients across the public, education, health services, and the private sectors.

Relocating to a new Headquarters in Fall 2021 prompted a complete upgrade of their meeting spaces. They also used this upgrade as an opportunity to better meet the needs of a more hybrid workforce and to better facilitate an increase in remote meetings with clients.

The Challenge

With many client meetings conducted online and increased remote working, Kluber has come to rely heavily on video conferencing for their daily communications. It was, therefore, essential to have a simple, reliable way for the company’s architects and engineers to connect to calls with clients and colleagues.

And investing in five new touch screens, Kluber also wanted a solution that would get the most out of their meeting spaces without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Joel Murphy, Project Technologist at Kluber Architects + Engineers, notes the importance of having meeting spaces that can deal with different video-conferencing solutions:

“We have weekly meetings for the different departments, so we rely on video-conferencing tools as some people are in the office while others are at home.”

The Solution

For Kluber, Launcher was the ideal solution for facilitating remote communications between the professionals and their clients and between team members.

Finding a simple solution was critical, as Kluber needed a tool that was easy to use for all members of the team. Smooth integration between MS Outlook and Teams was an important consideration, in addition to the convenience of not having to bring their own laptops into meetings. 

Kluber Project Technologist, Joel Murphy:

“We trialed Launcher, and it was exactly what we wanted: to walk into the space to start meetings and schedule meetings. It’s really simple to just launch the meeting: touch the button, and the call starts.”


Having initially installed the solution in two meeting rooms, Launcher was so well received that it had become embedded into how the team communicates. The company, therefore, decided to add it into another huddle room.

Joel notes the benefits his teams experience with Launcher:

“My teams love the simplicity of using Launcher. They love being able to walk into a room and touch to start their meetings.” 

In addition to pre-scheduled meetings, Launcher has also led to a change in how the teams collaborate. Smaller, informal meetings are starting to happen at the big screens rather than around a desk, as the teams benefit from being able to view documents like blueprints on the big screen.

Joel Murphy, Project Technologist at Kluber: 

“Launcher definitely lives up to our expectations. It’s a really simple solution, and our colleagues really like what they can do with it.”

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