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Large format displays and collaboration: getting things done.

29th April 2019

Picture this: Your team, more connected, more productive, and more satisfied with meeting experiences and outcomes. It’s all possible when you have collaborative software solutions integrated with your large format displays.

Effective collaboration in business can feel like a constant challenge—particularly given the ongoing shift in working environments and increase in remote teams. Not to mention the ongoing struggle if your conference rooms are outfitted with archaic collaboration displays and wired connectivity options.

But with the right technology solution, it’s possible for businesses to harness the connected creativity and talent of team members.

So, what's the secret to collaboration success?

Large format displays embedded with intelligent software solutions and features are the collaboration tools more and more successful organisations are wielding to make meetings more interactive and productive.

Let’s look at three ways large format displays can drive the kind of dynamic, immersive collaboration that gets things done.

1. Content sharing-the right way.

It’s time to shift the end-goal of content sharing from that of communication to that of collaboration. Gone are the days of one-sided presentations featuring a static deck and a single presenter broadcasting on a screen.

When you leverage an aligned hardware and software strategy (featuring software like DisplayNote Montage integrated into your display), multiple presenters and contributors can share and comment in real time, on every type of content imaginable: slide decks, media files, documents and more, right from a highly compatible and secure app.

And there are no frustrating connectivity hitches: They can do it all easily and wirelessly from any network or device-laptops, tablets, and phones-and multiple browsers.

2. Technology-boosted whiteboarding sessions.

Whiteboarding, whether on an actual whiteboard or on a screen, is a tried-and-true means to group collaboration. Even better? The ability to embed whiteboarding software into your broadcast meeting solution and integrate other media and documents. Add features that enable video interaction with remote colleagues, and suddenly a simple whiteboarding session becomes a much richer experience.

For example, the multi-site collaboration software solution, DisplayNote Workspace, allows teams to use interactive touchscreen technology and video chat to both physically and virtually share ideas and move projects forward in real time.

3. Connecting remote team members.

While there are many benefits to having a workforce that is at least partially remote, one drawback is the lack of face-to-face meetings. Conference calls and shared documents work only so well to gather team members who are spread far and wide. The ability to see a colleague’s facial expressions and body language (or to even know what a team member looks like) can go a long way.

The most fruitful collaboration occurs when team members are working in sync, feeding off each other’s ideas. Technology-oriented collaboration solutions that include large format displays not only capture your audience wherever they are, they also help team members feel as though they are (almost) in the same room.

In addition to improved collaboration, this fosters strong working relationships and increased understanding amongst colleagues-not to mention there’s often a palpable morale boost, which is known to be great for business.


When large format displays and collaboration software solutions are integrated, it makes it easier for people to come together, share ideas and content, develop solid working relationships, and achieve sought-after business outcomes.

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