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Out Loud: Balancing security and user experience with DisplayNote.

22nd May 2018

Creating the optimal user experience is often the main focus for collaboration technology providers but if you don’t meet the general requirements of business it's redundant. Enterprise organisations must ensure security and compliance when looking to implement technology solutions.

What are the main considerations for businesses and how can they manage their own requirements for deployment and management whilst enabling users to operate the solutions easily? In this episode we speak to DisplayNote to find out how they address this.

Expert guest on the podcast today is CMO of DisplayNote, Ed Morgan. DisplayNote‘s solutions aim to make collaboration and meetings as simple and effective as possible for users, whilst ensuring that businesses are protected when it comes to their internal processes. One such solution is DisplayNote Montage.

First up Ed explains how balancing these two primary ideals of compliance and ease of use are addressed from a DisplayNote perspective.

We then explore some of the main requirements from an enterprise perspective when deploying technology solutions such as collaboration, internal and external security as well as deployment and management.

As well as security and compliance, solution providers also need to consider the type of content that users are collaborating on and whether it’s appropriate to the business outcomes. Finally we examine the management of collaboration solutions. Ensuring that internal technical teams can manage and control those solutions is key to their success.

Listen to the podcast here.


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