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The importance of sharing digital assets during meetings.

4th October 2018

When individuals struggle to access or obtain information they need to perform their jobs, organisations suffer. Sharing our knowledge and skillsets with each other is crucial for an organisation to advance.

Take a look at these two statistics:

  • Fortune 500 companies have been losing at least $31.5 billion dollars a year by failing to share knowledge across their business.
  • Up to 50% of the knowledge held by employees will vanish as they retire or move to new roles.

These statistics are pretty shocking, but they’re proof that sharing knowledge is extremely important.

There are numerous benefits to sharing knowledge:

  • It increases general awareness amongst everyone in an organisation.
  • It can provide a quicker solution, for example, if someone has shared how to fix an issue, if this issue arises again, others know how to rectify it.
  • It makes the organisation’s best problem-solving experiences reusable.
  • It reduces the loss of know-how.

A sure-fire way to share knowledge with others, is through organised meetings.

Knowledge can be shared in many ways. It can be verbal, it can be written down on paper, via email etc. During meetings, especially when someone is presenting content, it’s beneficial to send the digital content to the attendees.

So, how do wireless presentation systems help with sharing digital assets?

1. Devices.

More and more organisations are supporting the BYOD initiative. Some employees may even have two different devices (not including a smartphone or tablet) that they work from. E.g. a web designer may have a Windows laptop he or she uses to update or create web content, and uses a Mac for graphic design tasks.

They should be able to attend a meeting, and share their screen quickly and easily, no matter what device they are using at the time.

Fumbling with cables and adapters is a complete inconvenience. We live in a world of little patience. With Google results appearing instantaneously, and the ability to check your bank with the click of a button, people nowadays want to perform tasks quickly and easily.

When it comes to sharing content in meetings, wireless presentation systems allow for this.

2. Sharing content = sharing knowledge.

Sharing content during meetings can mean a few different things. Sharing what’s on your screen, up to a main display, so everyone in the meeting can view it. It puts everyone on the same level, seeing the content at the same time.

Some wireless presentation systems go beyond screen-sharing.

Not only can users share files up to the main screen; they can also share files, web links, videos, and more, with other attendees in the meeting. By simply sharing a file during the meeting, users have the opportunity to download these digital assets to their own devices. This enhances the sharing of knowledge between employees.

Wireless presentation systems ensure everyone is on the same page, employees are open with each other, and they share knowledge and assets that will help everyone with their role, and to aim towards a common goal.

Experience for yourself how a wireless presentation system can help people within your organisation share knowledge.

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