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Add Mosaic collaborative workspace
to your Clevertouch display

Activate using the 15-digit licence key found on the postcard included with your Clevertouch display

Don’t have a licence key?

Get in touch with the Clevertouch support team today


Different locations.
Same page.

Mosaic combines video conferencing with real-time content collaboration on office documents, PDFs, images, whiteboard, text and sticky notes.

Display to display document collaboration

Bring Word Docs, Spreadsheets, Powerpoints or PDFs into a work-space and teams in different locations can share and co-edit those documents in real-time.

Problem-solving tools

Annotate, edit text, create shapes, add sticky notes, make video calls…Mosaic provides teams the tools they need to solve problems in real-time.

Cloud storage

Solving problems takes time. With cloud storage, access your workspaces from one day to the next, and from one session to another.

Video & voice calls

Easily make calls from Display to Display then open up a workspace and collaborate on content.


Sketch and draw together in real-time, edit text, add sticky notes and share images.

Co-edit documents

Import, share and edit Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs on different displays.

Encrypted sharing

All video, audio and content sharing is encrypted point to point at an application level.

Intuitive settings

On board settings make it easy to choose different video, audio and microphone inputs.

Cloud storage

Workspaces can be deleted forever or saved in the cloud and accessed at anytime.

Enterprise grade security

Our security whitepaper details Mosaic’s approach to security, encryption, cloud, network and proxy support.

displaynote security

Under the hood

Our specification guide sets our minimum specs, recommended specs and detailed feature list.

Deployment guide

A description of basic system infrastructure, architecture and configuration details.

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