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From Manual to Digital: Ira B Jones Elementary’s Journey with DisplayNote Screen Sharing


DisplayNote Screen Sharing supports interactive teaching methods for 4th grade teacher, Kelly Kenney.

Kelly is a dedicated 4th grade ELA teacher at Ira B Jones Elementary, committed to creating an engaging and supportive learning environment for her students. Her mission, like all educators at Ira B Jones, is to empower and engage every child to learn, discover and thrive. Creating learning environments that ensure excellence with equity for all students.

This passion for education drives Kelly to continuously seek innovative solutions that can enhance her teaching methods and empower her students.

The Challenge

Outdated Methods

In her quest to provide the best possible education, Kelly faced significant challenges. Traditional teaching tools often fell short in engaging students and accommodating their diverse learning needs. The classroom environment sometimes became a barrier to effective learning, with outdated technology hindering rather than helping the educational process.

“I didn’t have a way to capture notes that we wrote on slides. It made it hard to share classroom discussion notes with students who are absent,” Kelly admitted. This gap in her resources meant that she had to resort to less efficient methods. “I was taking pictures of the notes and then printing them one at a time. It slowed down the momentum of the lesson,” she added.

Kelly needed a solution that could simplify classroom management, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, and allow her to focus on what truly mattered: teaching and interacting with her students.

I was taking pictures of the notes and then printing them one at a time. It slowed down the momentum of the lesson.

Kelly Kenney – 4th Grade ELA Teacher

The Solution: DisplayNote Screen Sharing

Enter DisplayNote, an award-winning educational technology platform designed to streamline classroom setups and enhance content sharing. With wireless Screen Sharing in her classroom, Kelly’s daily teaching routine improved massively. This solution enabled Kelly and her colleagues to display content from any device, on any network, capture and share classroom notes with their students. Significantly improving the efficiency of their teaching practices.

Sharing Information

With DisplayNote, Kelly experienced a notable improvement in her ability to share information. “I can easily share the notes with students on their own devices,” she noted. This functionality allowed her to ensure that all students, including those who were absent, had access to important classroom discussions and notes.

Focus on Teaching

DisplayNote Screen Sharing also allowed Kelly to concentrate more on teaching rather than administrative tasks. “I can focus on the lesson and discussion from my students,” she affirmed. By removing the need to manually capture and distribute notes, she maintained the momentum of her lessons and engaged more effectively with her students.

DisplayNote Screen Sharing allows me to concentrate more on teaching rather than administrative tasks

Kelly Kenney

Benefits Beyond the Classroom

Supporting Colleagues and Enhancing Collaboration

Kelly recognized the broader benefits of DisplayNote for her teaching community. “It allows us to share what is happening in our individual classrooms and makes our PLC (Professional Learning Community) discussions livelier, because we can see the display notes instead of just hearing about what happened during the lesson.” she emphasized. This functionality created opportunities for a more engaging and collaborative session, where teachers could share insights more effectively.

School-Wide Advantages

The district – wide implementation of DisplayNote Screen Sharing extended its benefits beyond individual classrooms. Teachers across the school enhanced their lessons with easier content sharing and improved annotation capabilities, leading to a more enriched learning experience for students. This comprehensive integration of technology helped create a more connected and innovative educational environment.

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