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Cutting edge wireless
collaboration… all in one box

Turn your meeting spaces into
collaboration hubs in minutes

Easily connect Montage to your meeting room screens

Simply connect Montage to your meeting room screen with a HDMI cable, join a wireless network, press on and all attendees can present wirelessly to the screen. It’s as easy as that.

Montage unit for wireless presentation
Group shot displaynote technologies

Engineered for Touch & Gestures

Connect a touch cable or mouse to Montage to start swiping between connected attendee’s screens, reordering them, bringing some full screen or clicking to see all 6 at once.

Leading Bank use Montage to drive innovation.

Make Montage your own

With a 4 USB ports you can easily add existing tech like a mouse for screen control, webcam & video conferencing units for out of room communication and pen drives to access your content.

Montage unit back of box

Lots of networking options

When it comes to networking, flexibility is important: that’s why with Montage you can connect it wirelessly to the network, hard-wire it or run it as a stand-alone access point. Participants can also connect using your corporate network and a guest network.

“Immersive Collaboration that’s breaking down conference room walls.” 

Montage Security Whitepaper.

This whitepaper provides information on how customers can run Montage in a  secure, stable and manageable system.

Montage Network Deployment

A guide for customers deploying the Montage Wireless Presentation System on their wireless network.

Technical Specifications

A complete overview of Montage’s technical specifications including Montage Receiver Hardware, Software and Product Feature Specifications.

Montage User Guide

Everything you need to know about Montage is included in our user guide: getting started, connecting with devices, joining remotely, adding audio…

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