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All your team communications

Group Video, Instant Messaging, Content and Desktop Sharing. All for Free.

Montage for Teams Communication & Collaboration App

Work Better, Together with your Co-workers in a More Productive and Efficient Way

It’s easy to put a team together but it’s not as easy to promote effective teamwork. In today’s world dispersed teams are becoming more and more popular and organisations are looking at ways to empower and engage teams to Work Better, Together to achieve more.

Unified Team Communication

Montage for Teams brings together group video calling, instant chat, document sharing and screen sharing into one solution and it’s completely Free.

Montage for Teams Communication & Collaboration App
Montage for Teams Communication & Collaboration App

Communication in Context

If you’re collaborating via email or stand-alone video calls you start to lose context and backstory. Montage for Teams keeps everything relevant, accessible by anyone on the team from everywhere at any time, but with a full history and search.

“A Great App When You Need To
Be In Two Places At Once.”

Fast Company

Collaborate Easily with those Inside & Outside of your Company

You shouldn’t have to use different solutions to collaborate with partners than you use with fellow employees. Montage for Teams treats everyone equally in the collaboration process. Increase the effectiveness of work across your team by using one team communication hub across organisational boundaries.

Montage for Teams Communication and Collaboration tool
Collaborating _ displaynote technologies

Remove Productivity Bottlenecks

Your team needs a communications hub that facilitates a fast-paced exchange of ideas and an ability to keep things moving, be it a video call, quick message to the group, sending a document for review or sharing what’s on your screen.

All of Your Team Communications
in One Place

Instant Messaging

Connect instantly via messaging with co-workers no matter where they are.

Create Groups

Organise your day to day communications by groups, these can be by department, project, office location or anything else.

Video Calls

Invite co-workers to a video call to discuss and collaborate on projects face to face.

Content & Desktop Sharing

Collaborate on content and share files across devices, locations and teams.

Voice Calls

Make one to one voice calls directly from the app or create group calls.


No more lost files. Everything you post on Montage for Teams is searchable.

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