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Businesses slow to embrace products like Samsung Flip Board.

11/01/2018 - Interactive whiteboards haven’t been fully embraced by enterprises. A 2017 survey by Nemertes Research found only 23% of companies are using them.

“We don’t see this as a must-have in every conference room” Nemertes analyst Irwin Lazar said. “Buyers are still struggling with the business case for whiteboards”.

Independent analyst Dave Michels believes products that combine video and interactive whiteboard will be more attractive to enterprises over time than whiteboard-only products.

But Lazar sees a "pretty good market" for whiteboards with fewer capabilities than those from the major vendors. Enterprises interested in those products have turned to vendors like DisplayNote, InFocus and Newline Interactive.

This article first appeared on Tech Target. Read the full article here.

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