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Create collaborative meeting rooms with Montage wireless presentation system.

21/03/2016 - Madison Technologies, Australian Distributor of trusted audio visual technologies, has partnered with DisplayNote, international specialist in real-time collaboration across desktop, mobile devices and large format display to offer the Montage wireless presentation system to its Australian customers.

Montage is a wireless collaboration and presentation solution for meeting rooms that allows content from 6 devices, whether they’re in the meeting room or connecting remotely from anywhere in the world, to be displayed on the main screen at the same time.

Montage Makes Collaboration Front & Centre.

Montage has been designed to improve how people share information and ideas in meeting spaces by allowing content from up to 6 individual devices to be streamed wirelessly to a main meeting room display.

Montage makes it easier for remote attendees to take part in the meeting by allowing them to share what’s on their screen with the main meeting room display, view what’s being shown by other attendees and to communicate with everyone via Montage’s native video and voice capabilities.

Connecting to the Montage unit is easy and can be done via a browser, the Montage app for desktop and Airplay.

Collaboration is front and centre in Montage: users can share files with each other, annotate live over content and take remote control of any connecting PC when they’re connected to a session.

Madison General Manager of Broadcast & Audio Visual Technologies, Ken Kyle said: “We're very excited about bringing Montage into the marketplace. We’re confident that our partnership will deliver widespread adoption of Montage as the enterprise standard solution for wireless collaboration.”

The growing popularity and widespread adoption of BYOD IT policies and an increasingly mobile workforce has meant that boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms have added cabling, complexity and barriers to true collaboration.

Display Note Technologies CEO, Paul Brown, commented, “When the technology you’re using to collaborate becomes the focus, it’s not doing its job. You should be able to use technology to enhance productivity and work together and essentially forget about the technology you’re using as the catalyst for connecting.”

Montage is the natural solution to the technology conundrum in boardrooms.

About Montage.

  • Montage is a hardware solution that allows up to 6 people to wirelessly stream what’s on their device to a main display.
  • Users can join in room and/or remotely.
  • Native video & voice.
  • It allows a user to control any connected PC from the main meeting room display/interactive screen.
  • Allows users to share files with each other wirelessly.
  • Annotation tools included.
  • Any participant can make themselves the active display (i.e. make their screen the focus of the main screen).
  • Connect via Windows app, Airplay and web client.

Technical Specifications.

  • Client OS: PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Chromebook
  • Connectivity: Integrated wireless access point; Connect to existing Wi-Fi; Connect via Ethernet to existing network
  • Receiver Interface: Up to 12 participant screen feeds (6 on display); Touch display support; Multi-touch support; Make any connected participant the active display; Drag & move client displays at receiver/display; Desktop control of client PC’s from the receiver/display; Drag and drop file sharing; Screen record; Whiteboard tools
  • Client Interface: Join via web client; Choose to be the Active Display; Stop/Pause sharing; iOS/Android: Share direct using AirPlay.
  • Voice & Video: VoIP and Video over LAN and internet Video runs 60 FPS (typical); Supports desktop webcam

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