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Education: the rise of classroom interactivity and collaboration.

21/01/2016 - In the first part of this feature we looked at how the market for the latest AV technology within schools has grown, which has seen the market shift away from previously widespread devices such as interactive whiteboards for newer technologies including UST projectors.

Here Ian McMurray considers the impact made by touchscreens and the rise of BYOD in the classroom.

Now, more than ever, with the advent of Windows 10, the future is surely about touch,” claims Jon Garaway, education sales, NEC Display Solutions. “Teachers are looking to engage their pupils – and the interactivity that is made possible with solutions like DisplayNote is vital to that engagement.”

“There’s been a definite shift in AV technology in schools in recent years,” says Toni Barnett, MD of integrator CDEC. “Yes, it was present a few years ago, but not on the scale that it is now. Schools have realised that interactive technologies are not a distraction, but a valuable teaching tool that can create a more exciting, collaborative learning environment. Interactive touchscreens have taken the market by storm more quickly than anyone anticipated. That’s something we’ve definitely witnessed. It’s estimated that around 70% of schools now use touchscreens and tablets as a learning tool, so the use of these technologies in everyday learning is becoming the norm.”

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