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DisplayNote announces the End of Life for the DisplayNote Classroom software product

All good things must come to an end. Therefore, the 31st of December 2021 will mark the official End of Life for the Classroom software product. After this date, the product will no longer be supported by the business.

Additionally, from the end of May 2021, the product will no longer receive updates, fixes, or improvements.

Given the widespread digital transformation of education in recent years, we are directing our efforts to create software solutions that sit alongside new technologies in the classroom; to provide the best experience for educators and students alike.

We recommend that customers transition to using our screen sharing tool Montage as an alternative solution. Made for the classroom, Montage is the smart collaboration tool that lets you share your content on the main display. Whether it's a presentation, document, or webpage - Montage makes it easy for teachers and students to wirelessly share their screen from any device.

Unlike other providers, Montage works across networks without the need for additional apps and can be deployed on existing hardware such as PCs, screens, and projectors.

As a thank you for using our product over the last few years, we would like to offer any current DisplayNote Classroom license holders the option of upgrading to Montage free of charge for six months. This period will start from the date you receive your new Montage license.

Why is the product ending?

Almost all products eventually reach their natural end-of-life, which is sadly the case for DisplayNote Classroom. There are several reasons for our decision:

  1. We have developed other solutions that better meet the needs of our users.
  2. The resources needed for running and maintaining DisplayNote Classroom can be better used in other areas of the business.

What about Classroom data and content?

You do not need to back up any files or content.

Can you permanently delete my email if requested?

Yes, if you ask us, we will delete your email.

Will I need to uninstall and delete the software after the support period expires?

No, you don't need to delete the software. However, after the expiration date, the software will no longer function and serve no purpose.

Who do I contact about starting my free six-month Montage license?

    Email with the subject line DisplayNote Classroom EOL.

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