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Team collaboration isn’t just about chat.

20/12/2017 - Drawing the team collaboration line around ‘messaging’ excludes a much broader array of team collaboration apps.

Indeed, any app that allows groups of workers to centrally converse; manage projects, tasks and workflows; exchange documents; or collaborate around workstreams like on-boarding, sales, and customer engagement, could all carry the mantra of ‘team collaboration’.

In further breaking down the team collaboration space, there are several classes of additional apps, almost all of which offer integrations into messaging-centric team collaboration applications. One of which is:

  • Digital Whiteboards and Screen Projection -- Products like Cisco Sparkboard, DisplayNote Montage, InFocus Mondopad, Nureva, Microsoft Surface Hub, Polycom Pano, and Smart KappIQ enable teams of distributed workers to collaborate on a shared surface in real-time.

This additional solution offers opportunities for organizations to improve collaboration for distributed workers and workgroups, as well as the ability to integrate different apps into a common workspace, with a unified stream of notifications, messages and activities.

The bottom line is that a successful team collaboration strategy must go beyond messaging. While messaging apps may provide the ‘glue’ that delivers a primary workspace, the ability to integrate additional applications for task and project management, file sharing and editing, ideation and virtual group collaboration, as well as workflow integration, are all critical elements in providing teams with the tools they need to effectively collaborate both inside and outside your organisation.

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