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Wireless presentation systems: click to connect.

04/12/2017 - Steve Montgomery considers whether the market for wireless presentation systems has become saturated and looks at the requirements users are placing on vendors.

Since the launch of wireless presentation systems less than a decade ago, the market has rapidly expanded to a point now, that it seems to be overcrowded. The few small manufacturers that developed original standalone products have been joined by some of the largest AV product suppliers with devices aimed at extending their integrated communication and collaboration system offerings.

In a crowded market, producers will attempt to differentiate their product by including unique features and despite a lot of similarity between devices there are pockets of innovation. Ed Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at DisplayNote believes that “The basic level of functionality of being able to cast devices is now supplemented by the ability to tailor systems to meet security, and branding requirements. Enterprise customers want their own, branded, wireless presentation solutions that have been configured to work specifically on their network and for their security protocols”.

Ease of connection via any network is another major factor, particularly when visitors arrive at meetings and need to connect to the in-house system to make a presentation. Morgan continues: "A huge differentiator lies in the ease with which guests access and connect to the system, ideally staying on a guest network and without needing to install an app. Users also want choice when it comes to form factor: software for spaces that already have computing power or as a hardware end-point that can be wired to a screen”.

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