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Wireless presentation systems: everyone's invited?

12/01/2018 - It is easy to see how smart devices, like present day mobile phones and tablets, have spurred on the demand for wireless presentation.

Standards such as Bluetooth and Miracast allow users to connect their smart devices wirelessly to speakers and TVs. These users then demand similar wireless capabilities in their professional spheres and places of work.

One such wireless presentation solution is DisplayNote Montage.

Ed Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at DisplayNote, says: “Our core wireless presentation offering is Montage. It differs in its approach to solving the needs of big companies: firstly it’s available as hardware and software, users can choose what they want. It’s UX focused in that it allows everyone to connect and share content: that can be in-room, remote or – and this is huge – it allows guests to cast from a guest network at the same time as those on the enterprise network. We also customise our solution to help big companies meet security, branding and compliance requirements: for example we’ll brand a complete solution (from host software to apps); we’ll remove a feature, for example some enterprises don’t need our video piece so we remove it for them; others need the solution to sit on their network and we’ll do that.”

Morgan says: “To us, security is more than an important concern, it is essential that sharing content is done in a way that’s totally secure which is why we work in tandem with companies to deliver a solution that meets their security requirements. This means number one working through a baseline security evaluation where we’ll look at everything from the core architecture and design to user management, network, API design, impact of web applications, mobile security and impact on third party and remote connectivity. Our goal is to be compliant in every area where a customer needs compliance. We’re increasingly seeing flat-out refusal of hardware end points which is driving the need for a software-only approach to wireless presentation.”

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