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Make your Displays the Focus of Collaborative Meeting Rooms

Wireless Presentation & Collaboration

Using our award-winning wireless collaboration capabilities, everyone in the meeting can stream from their device directly to your large format display and puts your product at the heart of the collaborative and connected meeting room.

Wireless Presentation System by DisplayNote Technologies
Wireless Presentation & Communication by DisplayNote Technologies

Collaborative Presentations

Industry leader DisplayNote takes whatever’s being shown on your displays and streams it wirelessly to the devices of anyone connected, making your display the focus of any lesson or presentation.

Shared Whiteboards

Whiteboards which allow multiple people to see and contribute to the board no matter there whereabouts, are transforming collaboration. We can work with you on a solution that puts your product at the heart of this change.

Wireless Presentation for Education
Montage for Meetings

We Engineer for Touch

Our collaboration tools are built for high performance touch screens and interactive projectors with a real focus on the multi-user experience using multi-pens and gesture control to create and share content.

Turn your Display into a Collaboration Hub with our Award-winning Collaboration Tools

Wireless Presentation

Stream what’s on devices right to the meeting room screen from in-room and remote.

Document & File Sharing

Solutions that allow users to share presentations, images, documents and files in real-time

Video & Voice over IP

Turn your display into a communication and collaboration tool, beyond wireless presentation.

Shared Whiteboard

Solutions that allow multiple people to see and contribute to a whiteboard no matter where they are.


A suite of annotation and whiteboarding tools that make your displays more interactive, engaging and collaborative.

Screen Sharing

Share what’s on your displays to connecting mobile devices, PCs and other interactive displays.

Cloud Services

The mechanics of running collaborative sessions: hosting, starting sessions, joining, inviting, and deploying: we do it all.

Video Steaming

We use hardware video decoding to deliver faster, sharper video streaming from devices to displays.

Group Chat

Embed instant messaging and collaborative group chat right into your display or video-conferencing system.

We Build For

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