DisplayNote makes meetings better for trusted brands all over the world

Easily share your screen from any device.

DisplayNote Montage is simple to use. With one click you're wirelessly presenting. It works with all modern laptops, tablets, phones and support for your browser.

Compatible with:

Multiple presenters. Minimum fuss.

With DisplayNote Montage, any attendee can share their screen without the need to pass cables, swap dongles or remove anyone else from the session.

With a dedicated app for guests and extended browser support, your guests can also connect and present as easily as you do.

Everyone can present, no matter what network they're on.

DisplayNote Montage supports dual network connectivity and enables collaboration among users on primary and guest networks.

It works securely with any network configuration, including corporate Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi, mobile data, a hotspot or any combination.

Share more than just your screen.

DisplayNote Montage comes with content sharing tools that makes meeting room collaboration even easier.

During a session, attendees can share video, links and files with each other without ever having to leave the app.

Secure. Private. Compliant.

We take your security very seriously. Every Montage meeting is protected by a unique ID, 4-digit PIN and is encrypted end to end.

Easily deployed. Centrally managed.

DisplayNote Cloud makes it easy for your IT team to manage, monitor and update your wireless presentation deployment from one place.

That means you can change settings, add licences, update firmware and rename rooms without having to leave their desk.

*Coming in 2019*

Everything you need for better meeting room collaboration with DisplayNote Montage for InFocus.

Why people love DisplayNote Montage for InFocus.

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