DisplayNote NEC Edition makes learning more collaborative for trusted brands all over the world.

Take the effort out of content distribution.

DisplayNote NEC Edition takes what’s on your device and wirelessly casts it in real-time to everyone in the room.

No paper copies, no reformatting, and no recreating content to suit your audience’s devices.

Two-way collaboration.

DisplayNote NEC Edition is much more than casting your screen to connecting devices.

Anyone connected to your session can share their screen, annotations and images with you or with each other, making lessons interactive for teachers and students.

Capture every moment.

DisplayNote NEC Edition lets your audience follow your presentation on their device in real-time.

With the tap of a button, they can capture your screen, add their own notes, and save everything for review at a later time.

In-app manager gives you control.

DisplayNote Classroom’s in-app manager keeps you in control with live data on who’s connected and following your slides.

It lets you pose questions to the audience, send private messages, and select who can collaborate and contribute to your presentation.

Control your PC from anywhere in the room.

Teachers shouldn’t be tethered to the front of the room. With DisplayNote NEC Edition you can choose to present from your PC, or from anywhere else in the room.

Using your mobile device, you can simply take remote control of your PC and use DisplayNote NEC Edition in exactly the same way.

Works with any device.

Your audience can connect to a session using any modern laptop, phone or tablet, with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook and AirPlay.

Joining the session is easy. Your audience simply open the free app , enter their name secure session ID, and they can see your content.

Works across any network.

DisplayNote NEC Edition works in almost any network configuration: private WiFi, guest WiFi, across sub-nets, mobile data, or a combination of all.

You can also run a session online or offline, meaning you don’t need an internet connection to continue with your lesson.

All you need for a more collaborative classroom.

Want to add DisplayNote NEC Edition to your device?

Receivers are available for Windows and Mac.


Why people love DisplayNote NEC Edition.

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