DisplayNote is trusted by brands all over the world

Keep everyone on the same page.

Broadcast gives each member of your audience equal access to your content, regardless of where they are sitting or their visual ability.

Whether it’s a presentation, lesson, or document, DisplayNote Broadcast allows you to share what's on your device with your audiences’ devices. Simply start the Broadcast session and let your audience follow along in real-time.

Getting Broadcast is easy.

To get started, visit the Broadcast store, create your account, and you’re ready to share your content.

Broadcast for 30 minutes a day entirely free, and upgrade if you need more time.

Get Broadcast.

Starting a Broadcast is easy.

With Broadcast, there’s no need to download an app. Getting started is easy - visit the Broadcast webpage, sign in, and you’re ready to share your content.

You can Broadcast from any desktop device.

Start a Broadcast.

Viewing a Broadcast is easy.

Your audience can join and view your Broadcast session from any device using their browser. They simply visit the Broadcast webpage, enter a 6-digit ID, and they're live with you.

View a Broadcast.

Everything you need for one-to-many screen sharing

Broadcast Hybrid Learning Customer Story

Discover how Horizon High uses Broadcast to support students learning remotely.

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