DisplayNote makes meetings better for trusted brands all over the world

Different locations.
Same page.

Make it easy for your teams to get work done together, regardless of where they are.

DisplayNote Workspace is the only solution which brings together video-chat, white-boarding and document editing.

Work better together. Talk to us today.

Less talk. More action.

Meetings are typically where people talk about work. DisplayNote Workspace brings your teams together to get things done in real-time.

With live video, sketching and document editing, meetings are more productive, and teams are replacing opinions with actions.

Make your whiteboard sessions truly collaborative. Let's talk.

Speed matters.

Workspace is all about getting things done. Fast.

When either team sketches, moves an image or edits a document on their touchscreen, changes are seen in real-time on the other.

Screen to screen document sharing and collaboration.

Bring Word docs, Excel, PowerPoints or PDFs into a session, and teams in different locations can share and co-edit those documents in real-time.

Present, share and collaborate on your office docs. Book a demo.

Pick up where you left off.

Any work you do in DisplayNote Workspace is automatically saved in the cloud, and can be accessed at any time. From your touchscreen, you can open any saved sessions, and pick up right where you left off.

Sessions can also be exported as PDFs and emailed to the rest of the team, for future reference.

Collaboration with context.

Working live on the same content across different locations can be confusing.

DisplayNote Workspace adds live video to real-time collaboration tools, to ensure context is never lost.

Collaborate with context. Let's talk.

End to end encryption.

With DisplayNote Workspace , all video, audio and content sharing is encrypted from screen to screen which means you never have to rely on things like your wifi network to keeop your content secure.

Lots more features, simply integrated.

DisplayNote Workspace has all the features you need to make meetings more collaborative and productive.

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Why people love DisplayNote Workspace.

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