Josefa Vera Raya  (Pepi Harding)

Office Manager - Murcia

Tell us a bit more about your role at DisplayNote

My typical day is overseeing all the needs of the Spanish office and ensuring the team is looked after. I mainly work with Jose in Murcia and Alan McDaid in Belfast. My responsibilities are accountancy, payroll, etc. I’d say my favorite part of my job is to work closely with people.

What’s your greatest personal achievement during your time in the company?

My transition from Admin Assistant to Officer Manager during my time here.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Teaching English, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends.

You’re in your favorite coffee shop, what are you ordering?

Anywhere where they have good coffee. I usually order cafe con leche.

It’s lunchtime and you’re at the deli. You have free reign to create your ultimate sandwich. What’s in it?

A Spanish “barra” loaf with Spanish ham, tomato, and olive oil, also called “Catalana”.

You’ve been given a free holiday – where are you off to?

A city adventure – I like visiting beautiful buildings and feeling the life of a place.

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