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Everything we do is designed to make your organisation more productive, effective and competitive.


Montage is a wireless presentation and collaboration system designed to make meeting spaces more productive and effective. No more time wasted sharing cables, your team can present in room and remote, whiteboard and file-sharing is baked in and it supports all devices. 

Montage for teams

Montage for Teams  brings together group video calling, chat, document sharing and screen sharing into one solution and it’s completely FREE. Collaboration is in real-time, productivity bottlenecks are removed, communication is in context plus you can add teams from inside and outside of your company.

Make Your Team’s Presentations More Collaborative

An industry leader, DisplayNote is all about your ideas taking flight. Open a presentation and start streaming it wirelessly to your audiences devices and allow them to contribute and collaborate with each other in real-time.


We’re working on a tool that allows distributed teams to work together on shared whiteboards and make video calls at the same time. It’s designed to make collaboration more immersive, to accelerate how knowledge is shared and to turn those ideas into action.