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Discover the seamless, cable-free conferencing solution that’s designed to transform meeting room devices.

Why Omni?
Technical problems and complex setups often lead to underuse of your meeting room equipment, as people default to their laptops. Omni solves this issue by enabling users to wirelessly host conference calls from their laptops, while leveraging the room’s high-quality displays, cameras, microphones, and speakers. By integrating Omni, your devices become the go-to choice for effortless meetings, expanding their presence in meeting rooms worldwide.
Solving real world problems
Too many cables
Too many cables
Conference Inflexibility
Conference Inflexibility
Laptop huddle stifles engagement
Laptop huddle stifles engagement
Too many cables
Cable clutter and cost
Cables aren’t just an eyesore—they're a drain on resources and a risk to your equipment. Constant plugging and unplugging degrades HDMI inputs, while replacement and maintenance costs add up. Additionally, the accidental removal of cables can cause unexpected meeting disruptions.
A cable-free experience

Together, we can eliminate physical connections, remove cable-related costs and risks, and create a sleek, clutter-free space.

The result? An immediate upgrade to efficiency and collaboration, freeing your customers to focus solely on their meetings.

Conference Inflexibility
Lack of conference call flexibility
Being tied to one conferencing solution hinders flexibility, causes technical glitches, and risks excluding participants using different platforms.
Platform agnostic conferencing

No more platform incompatibility headaches. Omni works seamlessly with all popular conferencing platforms.

Its agnostic nature means your customers can connect and collaborate, regardless of their preferred conference solution.

Laptop huddle stifles engagement
Huddling around a laptop
Huddling around a single laptop during meetings limits engagement, overlooks participants, leads to ineffective communication, and under utilizes the in-room devices available to them. This not only creates a subpar meeting experience but also diminishes the full value of your hardware in the process.
Eliminate Huddles, Enhance Usage

Let's join forces to maximize the use of your devices in meeting rooms. Omni brings your hardware to the forefront, seamlessly connecting laptops to the room's equipment - no more laptop huddling.

Together, we'll create engaging, inclusive meetings and extend your reach into more rooms and meeting spaces.

Enhance your experience

Omni not only upgrades your devices, but revolutionizes the meeting room experience for your customers. By eliminating cables and complex setups, meetings can start faster and run smoother.

  • How it works...
  • Discover
    • Installing Omni on their laptops enables users to effortlessly discover Omni-enabled devices on their network - even across different subnets.
    • Image showing a users laptop running the Omni client. You can see all the Omni devices on the network
  • Connect
    • Once a room device is selected, users can wirelessly connect from their laptop, instantly leveraging the device's high-quality camera, microphone, and speakers.
    • Image showing the Omni client connected to a meeting room screen
  • Conference
    • By launching a conference call on their preferred platform, users can now effectively utilize the room's hardware as if it were their own—enhancing their conferencing experience.
    • Image showing a happy meeting going on with users running the meeting from a laptop wirelessly connected to a meeting room screen using Omni
The benefits of using Omni
  • Wireless BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) technology
  • Discover devices across networks – including subnets
  • Convenient, wireless connection to room devices from a laptop
  • Compatibility with all video conferencing platforms
  • Harness the power of high-quality room devices from a laptop
  • Room device can be controlled from the customer’s laptop
  • Secure, encrypted video streaming without cloud dependence
  • Virtualize the meeting room camera and mic


We're offering select OEM partners an exclusive opportunity to be at the cutting edge of wireless conferencing technology. With early access to Omni, you can start enhancing your Android devices and revolutionizing the meeting experience for your customers, ahead of everyone else.

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When using Omni to share your screen or webcam, all data is encrypted. Omni uses a similar approach to what Apple uses when you AirPlay your screen.

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