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Partner with us to transform your devices with secure, embedded software that addresses your customers’ challenges in meeting spaces and classrooms and opens doors to new markets and possibilities.

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The right solution for you

Maximise the value of your hardware devices by integrating our cutting-edge technology.

A teacher making use of the Extended Grid view functionality to allow up to 9 participants to share their work at once


Make sure your customers can wirelessly share their screens securely. Perfect for education and meeting spaces, our solution offers cross-network compatibility and allows participants to connect from any device.

Improve collaboration and ensure seamless connectivity.

Business people using wireless BYOM solution, Omni, for video conferencing.


Give your customers the ability to wirelessly host conference calls from their laptops, while leveraging your hardware in the room.

By eliminating cables and complex setups, your customers can enjoy seamless, efficient meetings, no matter what solution they use.

Launcher makes launching video calls and apps in share meeting spaces easy and secure


Provide your customers with a solution that ensures their meeting room screens are secure. With kiosk mode, lock down the system to prevent unwanted access and maintain consistency across every room. Users can access only the apps they need, seamlessly connected with calendars to instantly launch video calls, ensuring efficient and secure meetings.

In a saturated market, our edge isn't just in what we offer, but how we offer it. We aren't just competitive on price, we redefine value.

From software built with your security in mind, care and service beyond anything you've experienced, and technology tailored to fit your unique needs—this is the DisplayNote difference.

Your Brand - Secured by DisplayNote

Protecting you and your customers

A security breach can damage customer trust and your reputation. We prioritise privacy to protect both. Here's how we're different:

Security at our core

Unlike many providers, we build our technology with security at its core, integrating the latest advancements to ensure the utmost data privacy and protection.

Commitment to data protection

Our servers in the USA, EU, India, and Singapore ensure your information is handled with the utmost care, thanks to robust data protection laws in these regions.

End-to-end encryption as standard

Everything you share through our technology is encrypted, guaranteed. Last year we secured over 15 million screen shares, keeping your data safe every step of the way.

Secured by DisplayNote
Our Commitment to Security

At DisplayNote, safeguarding your information is our core commitment, not just part of our process.

We ensure that every solution we provide not only meets but exceeds the highest standards for data protection and privacy in the market.

For a closer look at how we do this, check out our security document.

Supporting You, Like Never Before

We're committed to delivering not just a service but an experience.

Our support team manager helping a customer with an issue
A Reachable, Responsive Support Team

Think of us as an extension of your own team—a pair of safe hands always there to help with any issues, ensuring that you and your customers receive the support you need, exactly when you need it.

Customer Success team providing on-site tailored training for you and your customers
Training + Onboarding Tailored for You

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to empowering you with personalised training and onboarding, tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of you and your customers.

Our Service also includes

Training Academy

Helping to educate your customers and increase product adoption

Cloud Connectivity

Your customers can connect via the cloud, with server uptime of 99.9%

Dedicated Partner Team

Account managers and direct access to C-Level management

Beta Access

Pre-release access to your software ahead of updates for better planning

Regular Updates

Ensuring customers are always on the latest, secure version

Product Analytics

Access the web portal for product dashboards and live analytics

Streamline your product offering

A partner providing wireless conferencing to the enterprise customers
Join via the web with your own branded web page
Power your hardware in meeting spaces and classrooms with DisplayNote technology
  • Versatile Market Fit
    Tailored solutions for education and enterprise, ensuring seamless integration into various sectors.
  • Co-Branded and White-Label Solutions
    Customised to your specifications, enhancing brand consistency and market presence.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
    Supporting both Android and Windows systems, ensuring seamless integration with your hardware.
  • Independent Software Provider
    Free from single ODM constraints, we can achieve cost savings and optimisations at the factory level.
  • Custom Features and Solutions
    Stand out from competitors with unique, market-specific features to boost market share.
  • Adaptable Technology
    Quickly adapt to market trends, tender requirements, and tech advancements to stay ahead.

DisplayNote is now part of Volaris Group, Constellation Software Inc

Proud to be part of the Volaris Group

We are proud to be part of the Volaris Group, a global leader in software solutions. This partnership enhances our ability to empower meeting and learning spaces worldwide. Volaris' "buy and hold forever" approach aligns with our long-term vision, ensuring stability and continuous innovation. With Volaris' extensive resources and commitment to growth, we are better positioned to deliver high-quality products and services, making us an even more appealing partner for OEMs.

Our customer-first approach and culture of innovation remain at the forefront, supported by Volaris' dedication to strengthening and growing industry-leading technology companies.

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