Wireless Casting Servers – Are your displays exposed to tomorrow’s dangers?

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Being in the touch screen industry, you know wireless casting capabilities in your display are essential. Allowing users, both in the classroom and the office, to seamlessly share content to screens enriches engagement. But not all casting solutions are created equal. An often overlooked but increasingly crucial component is security and the backend infrastructure supporting these experiences requires careful evaluation. While it may not be an issue now, it only takes one issue, a change in government policy, or attack to make it into an issue and block your path to deployments or, worse still, have customers returning displays or stopping orders.

So, we ask, are you confident your wireless casting software provider has optimized server positioning for security, performance and reliability? With rapid technology advancement, software must be vigilantly reviewed. Change can happen unexpectedly. Ensure your products adapt to shifting market dynamics.


We advise that you scrutinize the hosting setup. Are servers geospatially distributed to guarantee responsiveness? Are servers in a position that makes them at risk to changes in government policy. Centralized data centers create concentrated points of failure. Localized servers enhance redundancy and disaster recovery. For example, Montage utilizes industry giant Azure’s and AWS’s worldwide server network, with locations in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Virginia and Portland. This localized support optimizes uptime and performance. We also follow best practices of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, plus other practices from AWS.


TLS is an encryption on a transport layer that guarantees only both parties involved have access to the content of the transmission and anyone capturing chunks of it in the middle wouldn’t be able to decode or recompose it.

In addition, on our application layer we have a cryptographic handshake producing a set of key for the encryption of data packets that are unique per session and per media. All these efforts have a single goal: to avoid the possibility of someone intercepting the transmission and be able to recompose. In other words, avoiding Man In The Middle attacks and preserving the privacy of data transmission.


Consider too the backend framework. Can it smoothly integrate with other products and third-party apps? Avoid solutions inhibiting flexibility. Seek ones designed to empower you.

Software Credentials

Finally, another really important factor in vendor selection is their security credentials. Put simply, how seriously do they take security? At DisplayNote, we take it very seriously. We have a SecurityScorecard grade A with a score of 93/100 across all our systems with every single device and servers covered with Crowdstrike endpoint security in highest level of service managed by a dedicated team. Furthermore we’ve an automated patch system to manage important updates that brings piece of mind to our users and partners.


The details matter with wireless casting. Evaluate not just current needs, but future adaptability. Your software choice impacts long-term potential. The wrong pick leaves you vulnerable. Seek providers prioritizing your interests with resilient and flexible solutions.

With robust infrastructure, you can meet customer needs today and tomorrow. But centralized, inflexible systems expose you to sudden market shifts. As requirements evolve, your software must smoothly adapt.

Approach wireless casting mindful of the backend. Scrutinize server positioning, encryption protocols and flexibility. With resilient infrastructure designed in from the start, your products can withstand future challenges. You want software working for you, not against you. By selecting forward-thinking solutions, you can lead with confidence. Your screens should be equipped to handle whatever’s next, whenever it arises.

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