Revolutionizing OEM Partnerships With Software Enhancements

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Apr 18, 2024

Exciting times – we have added to our wireless casting software that will make your OEM displays even better.

Nine On Screen: Collaboration Gets A Power Up

First up is the ability to cast from up to nine devices simultaneously onto your display with support for all major operating systems and streaming protocols.

So whether those casting are browser based casters , Windows aficionados,  Mac devotees, or users of iOS and Android devices, or they use native casting protocols like Airplay, Miracast, Googlecast, they can all connect to grid at the same time.

Empowering Miracast Multicasting: Unleashing Simultaneous Connectivity

Furthermore, we are proud to unveil the capability to cast from nine devices also extends to 9 Miracast-enabled devices concurrently. This feature amplifies collaboration opportunities, allowing teams to effortlessly share their screens and contribute to presentations in real-time.

Audio Casting from Mobile Apps: Amplifying Engagement and Interaction

Finally, in response to user feedback and evolving needs, DisplayNote now supports audio casting from iOS and Android applications. Whether it’s a multimedia presentation or a dynamic discussion, users can now broadcast audio alongside visual content, enhancing engagement and interaction.

As well as these new features and improvements, I also want to take this opportunity to shine a light on DisplayNote’s strengths and what sets us apart.

  1. Security and Reliability: every possible measure is taken to ensure our service, and how it’s used, is secure and private. We also deliver 99.9% uptime and with servers distributed worldwide, users can trust DisplayNote to safeguard their data and maintain uninterrupted connectivity.
  2. In-Market Support: We understand the importance of responsive customer support. Our dedicated team is always on hand to address queries and provide timely assistance, ensuring your customers get the help thelp they deserve and your brand doesn’t suffer.
  3. Hardware Customization: DisplayNote offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing display vendors like yours to customize the software to suit their specific hardware requirements.
  4. Brand Visibility and Trust: Partnering with DisplayNote instills confidence in users. Our established reputation for security, reliability and innovation makes us the preferred choice for organizations worldwide.

With these exciting new features, DisplayNote reaffirms its commitment to powering the world’s displays. By prioritizing compatibility, security, and user experience, we continue to set the standard for wireless presentation solutions.

Stay connected, stay collaborative, with DisplayNote.

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