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Past Performance and Promise: Vetting Wireless casting vendors from the inside out

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Jan 12, 2024

When evaluating wireless casting and conferencing software providers, it’s reasonable to assume top contenders can deliver baseline functionality needs either out-of-the-box or on their near-term roadmaps. In fact, most reputable enterprise software vendors also have proven implementation experience supporting customers similar to yours.

But you still need to dig deeper when selecting a long-term, strategic technology partner beyond just feature. To help you understand what your supplier can or can’t so, we’ve compiled a list of questions and considerations you should be asking of any supplier.

Security & Compliance:
Can they adhere to your data governance policies? Have they received independent validation of their practices through rigorous audits and certifications? What encryption and data protection is in place both at rest and in transit? For example 256-bit AES encryption is expected to secure sensitive information. Can data sovereignty be ensured so customer data stays within geographic boundaries?

Scalability & Reliability:
Do they design for peak concurrent usage spikes without disruption? How do they ensure consistent uptime during periods of high demand? Can they deliver and handle multiple simultaneous web casting at scale?

Customer Support:
Will end-users have quick access to reliable assistance when they need it? Is online self-help and community support available? If you as a product manager raise a critical issue, when will you get a response? Do you have access to a dedicated team or is just email?

Can proprietary extensions and modules be developed to address your specialized needs? How skilled are resources and flexible is the architecture? Can you supplier adapt and change based on your roadmap and product plans.

Will you gain access to usage analytics and impact metrics to inform decisions and demonstrate ROI?

Domain Experience:
Have they worked with global manufacturers before to understand intra-company dynamics? Do they know how to manage priorities across functions? 

Staying Power:
Does the provider have the track record, resources and roadmap to still be around in 5+ years? Ongoing support and the large tenders you win depends on it.

Vetting vendors thoroughly across those critical areas upfront ensures you select the right long-term partner that grows with your organizational needs versus just offering a static off-the-shelf product or widget.

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