A teacher making use of the Extended Grid view functionality to allow up to 9 participants to share their work at once
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Lets Talk Tech: Our April Screen Sharing update takes user collaboration tools to the next level

Zarah Akilagun Apr 17, 2024

This spring, we turned our attention to enhancing our existing feature set. Improving not only how users connect and cast their screens, but how classrooms and meeting spaces can become a more collaborative and engaging space.

The Power of collaboration

With DisplayNote’s Grid View, users have the ability to engage their audience, displaying multiple screens at once, drawing everyone into the conversation and opening the floor to new perspectives and alternative insights. Grid View allows an audience to lead discussions and share their thoughts outside of the medium of public speaking. Screen Sharing facilitates a more visual representation of ideas and empowers audiences and speakers to feel heard and understood. This empowerment makes for a more engaged audience, improving the interactive within a screen sharing session.

Introducing Extended Grid View

One of the highlights of our latest release is the introduction of Extended Grid, an expansive improvement to our Grid View feature. Now, users can get the benefits of a 3 by 3 layout, accommodating up to 9 screens simultaneously. This expanded layout is a platform for larger groups, bringing more people into the conversation, broadening everyone’s understanding by sharing multiple viewpoints at once.

Multiple Miracast Connections, Elevating Connectivity

To further promote collaboration, we’ve expanded our Miracast offering to support multiple connections at the same time. Native casting holds enormous benefits for users that want quick, convenient sharing with no app installation or sign in required. With multiple Miracast, we’re ensuring all users can connect and cast in the way that suits them.

As we continue to evolve our platform, our focus remains on enhancing collaboration and providing friction-less experiences for all users. Whether sharing content in a large group or connecting via Miracast, our latest features are designed to empower users with seamless connectivity and enhanced collaboration capabilities.

Latest Updates

For more information on what’s included in this release, check out our What's New.

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