Collaboration solutions for your Newline interactive display

Newline Cast being used in a classroom
Newline Cast logo

Wirelesssly share content from any device

Newline Cast is a simple, smart and secure wireless screen-sharing solution for meeting rooms, huddle spaces and classrooms.

Download for your display:
Cast for Windows

Apps for your users:
Download for your device

For further information, check out the User Guide

Newline Broadcast logo

Share your screen with your audience

Share your screen in real-time from your Newline display to any participant connected with Newline Broadcast.

Download for your display:
Broadcast for Windows

Invite your audience:
View a Broadcast

For further information, check out the User Guide

An illustration of Newline Broadcast being used to share with an audience
An illustration of Launch Control being used on a meeting room display
Newline Launch Control logo

Call and app launcher for meeting rooms

Launch Control facilitates your meetings and provides secure, easy access to your video calls, calendars, and apps on your Newline interactive display.

Download for your display:
Launch Control for Windows
Launch Control deployment installer

Apps for your users:
Download on the App Store
Download on Google Play

For further information, check out the User Guide

A group of people in discussion around a table in a meeting room

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