Alex Salmerón

Product Designer

Tell us a bit more about your role at DisplayNote

I mainly do design work on the Broadcast project. I work together with Cuenca and Luke on the design of new product features. We discuss the idea and use, experience, and look and feel of these features and implement their design. We also study the data received on usage and redesign existing or implemented features that can improve Broadcast for our users.

In addition, I research and study new ways to improve workflows between design and development that allow us to build product tests and MVPs in less time and cost for the teams and the company. Currently, I am involved in building a design system for Broadcast called Tandem. Tandem is my little treasure within my tasks. My mission is to maintain, nurture and grow it to keep a common ground between any design elements of the product and those who work on it.

What’s your greatest personal achievement during your time in the company?

Creating a user interface that people like and enjoy using.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Mountain, barbecue, graffiti, laugh, a friend…

You’re in your favorite coffee shop; what are you ordering?

A cappuccino.

It’s lunchtime and you’re at the deli. You have free reign to create your ultimate sandwich. What’s in it?

Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce.

You’ve been given a free holiday – where are you off to?

I’d like to visit the Green Mountains in the North of Spain and spend my time meeting people from the area and exploring the visit caves, rivers, and bars.

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