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Our screen sharing tools make classrooms more collaborative, inclusive, and engaging for all students. With Montage, you and your students can share your content to the classroom screen. Or share your content directly to your students’ devices with Broadcast.

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Our screen sharing solutions are trusted by thousands of educators worldwide

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Make your content more accessible with Broadcast

One-to-many screen sharing for the classroom

Broadcast lets you share the screen of your computer to any student device, making lessons more accessible and engaging for everyone.

Feature icon start broadcast share
Easy to share

With Broadcast, there’s no apps to download and zero updates to manage. Simply start a Broadcast and choose what content to share.

Feature icon devices mobile
Even easier to view

Invite up to 40 people to view your Broadcast on any device; letting them follow what you’re sharing in real-time.

Feature icon view see access
No one is left behind

There’s no more straining to see the screen. With Broadcast, everyone has the same access to the learning material.

One-to-many screen sharing for the classroom with Broadcast
Start Broadcasting today for free
  • Share your screen with up to 40 viewers
  • Start with 14-days of unlimited Broadcasting
  • 30-minute daily time limit after this

Make the classroom more flexible with Montage

Wireless presentation for the classroom

Montage makes it easy for you and your students to wirelessly share your screen from any device to the big screen.

Feature icon screen share present
More mobility

It can be hard to manage a class when you’re tethered to your desk. Montage lets you present from anywhere in the room so you can stay more connected to your students.

Feature icon students attendees
Student-centered learning

Invite your students to share their work back to the class for a more active-learning environment.

Feature icon manage attendees moderator
Session management tools

Stay in control of what gets shared on the big screen with Moderator Mode, plus invite up to four students to share at once with Grid View.

Wireless presentation for the classroom with Montage
Try Montage for free

Make it easier to share your lessons to the big screen.

  • 30-day, no obligation trial
  • No credit card required
  • Windows Only (Windows 10+)
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