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Boosting test scores for students at Madrid’s Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


Students at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) experience better results after incorporating Broadcast, DisplayNote’s one to many screen sharing tool, into lessons.


Manuel G.Vuelta is a Masters Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), Madrid, Spain. When Manuel identified the need for a tool to improve engagement amongst his students, he turned to DisplayNote Broadcast, with the aim to deliver better recall and test results.

The Challenge

Lecture rooms at URJC are set up with a computer connected to a video projector, which projects lesson content onto the classroom screen. However, with large rooms, students located at the back can have difficulty seeing the content – which impacts their engagement and ability to recall the lesson material.

With students using their own laptops and phones to view teaching resources, lessons were often disrupted by lecturers needing to continuously check that students were on the right page.

The Solution

Having evaluated three alternative screen sharing solutions, Manuel chose Broadcast to incorporate into his teaching from the start of the Autumn 2021 term.

The decision to implement Broadcast was based on two factors – the ability to join a Broadcast and view live teaching content on any device, and the ease of connection for students. With Broadcast, there are no apps to download for either presenter or student. Presenters can start a Broadcast from their browser on any desktop device, which students can view by visiting the Broadcast webpage on their device and entering a 6 digit-ID.

Manuel’s classes typically have around 30 students, who all now use Broadcast to view the lesson content on their devices. In addition to viewing the content, students can annotate on their screens, zoom in on content, capture the slides and save them to their devices to review later.

My students really appreciate how easy it is to start up and connect to Broadcast from their own devices. They find the ability to capture screenshots of their handwritten annotations very useful for their studies.

Manuel G. Vuelta – Masters Professor, URJC
An image of Broadcast being used in a university lecture hall

The Results

Manuel notes that his students are more engaged in lessons thanks to better visibility. Annotation, zoom and screenshot features allow students to benefit from a more personalized learning experience.

The final results have improved noticeability since I started using Broadcast in my lectures, it does exactly what I had hoped.

Manuel G. Vuelta – Masters Professor, URJC

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