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Launcher breathes new life into unused meeting spaces at Centre France Media Group


French media group Centre France uses Launcher to facilitate virtual meetings and improve collaboration within their meeting spaces.

Headquarter in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), the Centre France group is a French press and communication group. The group was founded by the daily newspaper La Montagne, created in 1919 by Alexandre Varenne, socialist deputy for Puy-de-Dôme, lawyer, and humanist.

In recent years the group has evolved beyond just press activities to become a media and communication organization with a dozen components. This includes events, a press agency, an advertising and media solution, a publishing house, a training organization, distribution and logistics, industrial activities (printing), and solutions for communities (which includes media planning, content strategy, digital solutions, etc.)

The Challenge

The publication has always been guided by a core mission: the collection and transmission of local information. Good communication is, therefore, core to Centre France. The 1,800 employees at the organization work with colleagues and contacts from across the world – and as a result, video calls are central to their daily operations. 

Prior to installing Launcher, meeting rooms at Centre France were equipped with outdated meeting room systems, which made it difficult to start any video call. This caused issues for both staff and IT departments – with users opting to use their own devices for calls instead of the designated meeting rooms. 

Our IT team would be called constantly to fix the meeting room systems and help users start their video calls. After a while, most people stopped using the rooms altogether; they resorted to using their own laptop for video conferencing.

Bertrand Roussel, Support and Office Manager, Centre France

Solution and Results

Centre France installed DisplayNote’s call and app Launcher in 19 rooms across their Headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, in addition to multiple other sites. 

Thanks to Launcher’s customizable interface, all meeting room screens are pre-loaded with a wireless sharing app, meaning staff simply book a room, walk in and start their calls or share their screen. 

Using a combination of Microsft InTune and Launcher’s import/export settings feature, this set-up is deployed and replicated across the organization, giving each room user a consistent and standardized experience in every room. The standardized setup also makes it easy for IT to manage. Plus, the configurable Automatic Cleanup feature removes data after each meeting – keeping users’ information private. 

“There’s been a dramatic increase in the usage of our meeting spaces – thanks to Launcher, our staff have a desire to use the rooms again. In fact, they’re now debating over who gets to use the rooms!” 

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