27 Skill Boosting Presentation Resources for More Effective Meetings

DisplayNoteBlog May 22, 2016

Presentation skills are comprised of preparing content, crafting a narrative, developing your visual support, and delivering the presentation – but so much depends on the resources you have available to you. With that mind, we’ve put together a collection of resources to help you improve your presentations. We’ve included resources on everything we could think of here: inspiration, advice, storytelling, visuals, resources, videos, design, delivery, tricks of the trade.

Presentation Resources

  1. Duarte Blog |Â Duarte
  2. Resonate Online (Free) FREE Multimedia Version of Resonate |Â Duarte
  3. Presentation Zen Presentation Zen
  4. Garr Reynolds Garr Reynolds Official Site
  5. You might also check out more from the Public Speaking section of Alltop here: http://speaking.alltop.com
  6. Read and/or Listen to great speakers The Power of Oratory in the United States
  7. Read and/or Listen to great speakers at TED talks http://www.ted.com/talks
  8. Harvard Business Review http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/02/when_presenting_remember_to_pa.html
  9. Search for the most popular presentations on SlideshareÂ
  10. Public Speaking: Lessons in Communication on Udemy
  11. Mindful Presenter Blog
  12. SlideMagic Blog  – Presentation Design Ideas
  13. National Speakers Association
  14. Public Speakers Association
  15. Introduction to Public Speaking
  16. Patricia Frippâs Blog
  17. Great Public Speaking
  18. Moving People to Action
  19. Quick and Dirty Tips: The Public Speaker
  20. Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  21. Speaking.io
  22. Mike Sammartano’s Video Resources
  23. Unsplash – Free Photos Every 10 Days
  24. Death to Stock Photo – Free Images  Free Photos emailed to you regularly
  25. Little Visuals  – More Free ImagesÂ
  26. Stocksy – Paid Top Quality Images
  27. Resplashed: Free HD Images for web and design projects

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