6 Things That Are Just Easier With A Wireless Presentation System

DisplayNoteBlog May 29, 2016

In days gone by our best thinking would have been done sat alone, staring into space or scribbling ideas down on pieces of paper.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly on our screens where we all do our best thinking. You see, our screen is an extension of ourselves – a portal into all of the things that matter most to us: images, bookmarks, sketches, notes, browsing history, dashboards….and showing what’s on our screens is now becoming commonplace in every organisation.

Sharing our screens with others, or allowing them to view ours, invites a useful voyeurism and can help people and organisations share our best thoughts quicker than ever before. But what other benefits can screen sharing bringing your organisation?

1. Sharing Content

When in a meeting somebody (if not many people) will want to share information. It’s why you’re there… it’s tough to come up with a reason for a meeting that doesn’t involved sharing information and content in some form or other.

And we’ve probably all seen piles-of-paper being passed around with printed information for every meeting attendee – stacks and stacks of the information someone spent an hour printing, collating & stapling, just so everyone in the meeting can see what’s being discussed.

When you’re using a wireless presentation system during a meeting everyone can stream content to the main meeting room display pretty much in real time. No more out of date data, dead numbers and valuable time spent collating and printing reports.

2. Remote Connection

A lot of time and money is spent on travelling for meetings, a 2013 survey by Powwownow discovered that in the UK, companies spend nearly £16,000 per person every year in travel costs and time spent on the road for face-to-face meetings. In the USA, 2014 saw approximately $292 billion spent on business travel; a significant amount of which will obviously be for meetings.

Using a wireless presentation system like Montage for meetings will help you to save on a lot of time and money by enabling mobile workers to connect remotely to a Montage session in your meeting. Those who aren’t within the meeting room can see, hear and contribute to what’s happening in the room and what’s on the screen.

With the ability to screen share both ways, remote attendees can see all of the content and miss none of the context. So the next time somebody in your organisation needs to travel across the country or continent to present at a sales report or a progress update meeting, think about using that wireless presentation system.

3. Quick Collaboration

When working together with colleagues, be it a project or something else entirely, it can become frustrating to send updates back and forth, ‘red lining’ changes and suggestions, putting comments in the margin; just the general complications of the standard methods of digital collaboration.

Having a wireless presentation system installed in your meeting spaces or huddle rooms allows co-workers to quickly meet and act. Being able to swiftly pull together and display the relevant information in a larger format where everyone can see everything in the same place, making cooperation and collaboration simple, productive & effective.

4. Getting Meetings Started

Many meeting rooms are still equipped with manual device connection; plugging leads and cables into computers and screens or projectors.

Starting a meeting can be the least productive part of the meeting: the fuss and the faff of getting settled, plugged in & geared up… if it can be streamlined, it should be. With a wireless presentation system in your meeting room technology ecosystem, attendees can be absolutely comfortable in their ability to walk in, sit down, connect & go.

5. Results Sharing

When you’re working together with colleagues in a meeting there is usually an outcome in mind – something to be created, changed or updated.

Instead of waiting until after the meeting to share the outcomes, minutes and notes from the meeting, or any follow-up actions required from participants, wouldn’t it be better if you could just do it then and there? So, instead of emailing versions back and forth, look for a wireless presentation system that allow your teams to share their screen and files in real time.

After all, your competition isn’t waiting to type up notes and then send them for review, approval and publication.

6. Inclusive Meetings

A good wireless presentation system is both inclusive and democratic. It takes the meeting away from being presenter led towards a more cooperative approach where the presenter is in the centre and is easily changed.

With just the click of a single button you or I can become the focus of the main meeting room display, removing technical blockers from getting your information shared quickly and accurately, even when we’re out of the ‘meeting room’. Often in meetings the information is controlled and shared by just one person, the presenter.

A wireless presentation system that allows everyone, whether they’re in or out of the meeting room, to have equal control of the information being shared and as such enabled vastly enhanced productivity to your collaboration sessions.

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