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Let’s Talk Tech: DisplayNote’s January Update Jazzes Up Your AirPlay Casting

DisplayNoteBlog Jan 25, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of tech, where we all crave a bit more speed and performance, DisplayNote is here to freshen up your native AirPlay casting experience. No need for drum rolls – we’re just making your iPhone, iPad, or Mac connect to your room display a breeze.

A Boost in Connection Speed

Thanks to a tweak to the AirPlay protocol, connecting is as quick as a flash. We’re talking sub-second connection time – that’s 10 times faster than other wireless casting software. Say goodbye to tapping your foot while waiting for your device to connect. Our update ensures your content is good to go whenever you’re feeling inspired. Whether you’re delivering a presentation, collaborating in class, or sharing home videos, enjoy a connection that’s swift, reliable, and drama-free.

High Quality Streaming

We get it – seeing and hearing things clearly is kind of a big deal. Our AirPlay streaming experience just got an upgrade, thanks to our video streaming know-how. We’ve fine-tuned hardware support to bring you content at lightning speed. The result? Less waiting, more doing. Noticeably less waiting time (100ms or less, to be exact) when comparing screens. Dive into a streaming experience that’ll make you forget what lag even means.

Easy-Breezy AirPlay Discovery

No need for a treasure map here. Our AirPlay discovery can happen on any network nearby. No apps to install, no switching networks, and definitely no session IDs to fumble with. Just a few clicks, and you’re connected and streaming away. Remember the AirPlay Bluetooth discovery from our November 2023 update? Yeah, that’s part of the package too.

With DisplayNote’s January update, say hello to a new age of AirPlay casting – no awkward pauses, no tech hiccups, and definitely no unnecessary delays. Your presentations, collaborations, and shared moments just got an upgrade with instant connections, top-notch streaming, and discovery that’s smoother than butter.

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