5 Ways Wireless Collaboration Solutions Help You Achieve Operational Excellence.

DisplayNoteBlog Dec 9, 2020

Operational excellence, we all strive for it, but what exactly is it?

The Business Dictionary defines operational excellence as…

“a philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organisation. The process involves focusing on customers’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered and continually improving the current activities in the workplace.”

You should always strive to have operational excellence to know your company is doing things the right way.

Here’s 5 ways collaboration solutions, in this case, a wireless presentation solution, can help you achieve operational excellence.

1. Breaks down barriers.

Teamwork and collaboration should occur, no matter what. It shouldn’t matter where in the world you are, what device you are using, or what format of content you are trying to share. This is where collaboration solutions come in. Different teams use different programs to carry out work. Finance uses spreadsheets or financial applications; design teams use graphic design programs, and sales use a CRM system. Wireless presentation systems like Montage allow different departments to come together and share any content up to a main meeting room screen. These people can be anywhere in the world, use any device type, and still share content with their colleagues.

2. Help meetings flow.

There’s nothing worse than being in full flow in a meeting, and when it’s someone else’s turn to present, it’s time to swap cables. Or even worse, swap seats! Disruptions and interruptions result in time wasted during meetings and productivity levels dipping. Even setting up a meeting that requires cables or dongles can delay the start of a meeting, wasting even more time. A wireless presentation solution allows you to seamlessly switch between presenters with the click of a button or tap of the screen.

3. Transparency.

Wireless presentation solutions also help to remove cultural barriers. Removing cultural barriers is one of the first steps to operational excellence. Imagine four people in a meeting, and the host turned her screen round to show one person her ideas, not the other two. This brings about an “us and them” culture that goes in the opposite direction to operational excellence. Wireless presentation solutions share content instantly to the main meeting room screen, meaning is seeing it simultaneously. Everyone is on a level playing field; everyone is in the loop.

4. Reduces reliance on the IT department.

How many times have you called upon someone from IT to help you set up a meeting? Or there’s been an issue with the cables or missing adapters, and you’ve needed to call someone from IT urgently? Wireless presentation solutions are straightforward to use and eliminate the IT department’s reliance, meaning they can get on with their day to day tasks.

And most importantly…

5. Puts people first.

All these factors provide a more satisfying experience for employees. They can collaborate and communicate from anywhere with their peers – especially benefiting those who work from home and sometimes feel isolated. Content in meetings is shared with everyone at the same time. There are no secrets and no favoritism. Everyone is on the same page.The very essence of collaboration is this teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving that we just spoke about. Organizations operate a lot different nowadays than they did ten years ago. Gone are the siloed departments and employees working solely on their delegated parts of projects.The old saying “two heads are better than one” has been around for over four hundred years for a reason. More effective problem solving happens when you combine people with different talents, experiences, and skills and enable them to collaborate as easily as possible.


The definition of operational excellence is very people-focused. Teamwork, decision-making, leadership. It doesn’t mention laptops, smartphones, or email. However, it does specify to improve current activities in the workplace and empowering employees continually.

We strongly believe that collaboration solutions should be an enabler to human-based collaboration – it shouldn’t replace people in any way.

However, solutions like Montage allow people working together to share ideas and content instantaneously – either to a main meeting room display or out to colleagues’ devices. It doesn’t hinder them or make their job more difficult.

And if your employees are satisfied, then your business will be making its way towards operational excellence.

As Richard Branson says, “if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

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