DisplayNote now available for Chromebook.

DisplayNoteBlog Mar 17, 2017

Being able to share content no matter what the device has always been fundamental to collaboration and the sharing of great ideas. At DisplayNote we’ve recognised this need and we’re happy to announce that students can now join a DisplayNote session on a Chromebook or Chrome enabled Browser.

Joining A Session

Joining a DisplayNote session from a Chromebook couldn’t be easier. Simply go to http://www.join.displaynote.com, enter your Name, Session ID and press Join Now.


Once students are connected, all teachers need to do is tap the right arrow or capture button and that sends a copy of their screen out to any connecting Chromebook devices. Teachers will also be able to share whiteboard backgrounds, images, annotations and instant messages with Chromebook devices.


For the students they can share annotations with the teacher and colleagues and capture and save any slide they might want to keep for review.


In addition, as well as connecting to a session they can also use DisplayNote for some stand-alone whiteboarding with pen tools, shapes, highlighters, drag and drop images, lines and eraser.

colour palette-1.jpg

Windows Host

  • Support for the DisplayNote web client to connect to the windows host
  • Not all features of the windows host are supported, supported features:
  • Message participant
  • Collaborate with the participant
  • Send drawings and images to participant
  • Synch background selection with participant
  • Partial sync of host desktop with participant

DisplayNote Web Version 1.0

  • Start a standalone whiteboard with basic drawing abilities:
  • Pen tool
  • Draw rectangles
  • Draw Ovals
  • Highlighter
  • Line tool
  • Add images
  • Erase all objects
  • Undo erase all objects
  • Connect to a DisplayNote windows host (2.2.66 or higher)
  • Get updates of the host screen when the host changes slides or when the host adds an object to the slide for the first time.
  • Receive all drawings and images added by a host
  • Message the host and receive messages from them
  • Collaborate with the host and other users connected to the session
  • Download an image of the current screen

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