Fujitsu collaborates with Launcher to simplify meeting rooms and drive digital transformation.

DisplayNoteBlog Jul 27, 2020

Having been established in the 1920’s, Fujitsu’s century long presence within the telecommunications industry makes them masters in the subject of collaboration. Today, Fujitsu offer a full range of technology products, solutions, and services with approx. 132,000 employees supporting customers in more than 100 countries.

Their passion for improving communication and shaping the future of collaboration hasn’t waned. At DisplayNote, we too share this passion and it is for this reason that our partnership with Fujitsu was a natural one. Indeed, DisplayNote Launcher is setting out on an exciting adventure with Fujitsu’s collaboration boards, with the common goal of simplifying meeting spaces.

We sat down with Alistair Lam, Fujitsu’s Director of Solutions and Marketing, to learn more about how Launcher helps Fujitsu simplify meeting spaces.

“One of the key elements in digital workplace transformation is friction-less collaboration, whereby users should not be limited by accessing personal files or need IT professional to handle a video call.”

As a world-leader in digital transformation it is essential to Fujitsu and to their customers, that employees can work from anywhere and at any time. This anywhere-anytime workflow is resulting in a global increase in demand for collaboration tools, many of which can be found within the meeting space.

Alistair, whose attention is focused on the meeting space said: “One of the key elements we felt was missing in digital workplace transformation is friction-less collaboration, especially in meeting spaces: people should not be limited by accessibility to personal files or need an IT professional to handle a video calls.”

Launcher acts as smart home screen for meeting spaces, and brings together all the tools that are needed during a meeting – video call, wireless sharing, shortcuts to collaboration apps, whiteboard – to simplify the meeting room experience.

Launcher integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar to enable one tap video calls for all major video conferencing providers like Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Bluejeans and more.

“When we started to create the Fujitsu collaboration solution we identified right from the start that it needed to have access to your personal files and calendar without typing your login credential. It needed to be easy to operate and it needed to be hassle-free”, says Lam. “Users don’t want to worry about anything in meeting rooms, and with Launcher they can achieve this goal with the one touch functionality.”

For Fujitsu’s customers, access to personal content is a top priority. Without Launcher, the typical pathway to accessing materials during a meeting is to use a keyboard to sign-in to Microsoft 365 on the meeting room display, which presented a number of problems: time spent signing in, need for peripherals like keyboard and mouse and, more importantly, security concerns around singing in to individual Microsoft 365 accounts on a shared device.

With Launcher, users can use their smart phone to securely sign in and out of the meeting room display to access their calendar and OneDrive. The Launcher mobile app carries out the required authentication, which automatically signs the user in on the meeting room display thanks to a powerful and secure messaging service.

We’ve also ensured that users leave no trace behind once they’re finished with the meeting room: signing out of Launcher removes browser cache and clears any local data. “Our customers love the way how they access their files and meeting schedule without a notebook and one touch to start collaborate”, says Alsitair. “Plus Launcher has removed wireless dongles, keyboards and mouse, center control unit that can be stolen or damaged if misused.”

Launcher is designed to simplify the meeting room by providing a consistent and hassle-free experience to launching apps through its intuitive UI, smart use of technology, and seamless integration with third-party tools.

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