A Wireless Presentation System Will Get You Ready For Agile Meetings

DisplayNoteBlog May 29, 2016

Where you work has a meeting room, right? Maybe you’re a remote worker, and then everywhere is a potential meeting room!

Even if you don’t have access to a dedicated meeting room, you probably have a space that is frequently used as a meeting room. What’s the plan when those spaces are occupied? Maybe it’s time you equipped your working space for pop up meeting spaces?
Let’s set the scene… You and a colleague or 2 are working on something, it becomes clear that emailing back and forth just isn’t cutting it. As it is, US workers spend 6.3 hours a day checking their emails, in the survey commissioned by Adobe Systems, 28% of respondents said that the most annoying part of emails is having to scroll down too far to read the entire message.

You’d be much more productive if you just got together and fought your way to success. The meeting room(s) booked up, what’s the plan B? Every organisation should be equipped and prepared to facilitate this kind of pop-up meeting, it doesn’t take too much and there are some serious benefits of workers being able to instantly collaborate in a space designed to facilitate productivity and ideation – a pop up meeting room doesn’t even need 4 walls and a door, it’s that simple.

1. Assign a Pop Up Meeting Space

Firstly, there should be a space that’s allocated. Once again, it doesn’t need walls, doors – none of that fancy stuff, back in the olden days all they needed for a meeting was their wits and a pen… we’ve moved on from then and now the potential productivity is much greater – but minimalism is your friend in pop up meeting spaces. We’ve seen some great examples where space against a wall is set apart with different colour flooring or carpet tiles, demarcate a zone – then get to setting it up.

2. Equip a Pop Up Meeting Space

Espresso machine in the corner? Holo-presence transmitter? 4K – 3D Projector with 5000 Lumens of brightness? These are all fantastic additions but not for the pop-up meeting space, they’re unnecessary and unrealistic. So what do you need, what’s the bare minimum? Some seats, a work surface, a screen and a way of sharing or presenting information to the screen. That’s it. No need to focus too much on the seats, seats are what seats are. The Work Surface though, you can get some greatly innovative solutions here. You could go low-tech with a whiteboard table, allowing you to write whatever you want right there on the table although you’re potentially getting into the realm of invoices for dry cleaning.

3. Pop Up Meeting Room Display

Here’s where a pop up meeting room can really make the difference between efficient and productive collaboration or just huddling around somebody’s desk, and turning laptops around to show data. Pair a pop up meeting room with a good size large format display (fix it to a mount on wheels and you can wheel it to wherever you need it!) and a wireless presentation system that allow everyone who attends your pop-up meeting to share their content simultaneously to the same large format display.

If those of you who are meeting need a contribution from someone who isn’t able to make it to the pop up meeting room, perhaps they’re in another building or another country, look for a wireless presentation system that allows them to connect and contribute as if they were there at the table with you. When you’re going to a pop up meeting space, you’re probably not going to be there for hours – so you probably don’t need laptop chargers, in fact why bring any cables at all? A Wireless Presentation System allows you to connect devices to a main display, yes, you’ve guessed it… wirelessly! All you need to bring is yourself, your colleague(s) and your device.

Next Steps

If you’re thinking of designing spaces for pop-up meetings or changing existing spaces to make meetings different, do check out our FREE ebook: It’s packed full of handy hints and tips about design, layout and what tech to use and what you need to consider using.

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