How we used wireless screen sharing to redesign a web page.

DisplayNoteBlog Apr 7, 2017

As a marketing and design team we are always looking for ways to improve upon our current designs and processes.

When we launched our new website in mid-2016, the launch coincided with the implementation of a new CRM system as well as exhibiting at two major trade shows. With limitations on time and human resources, we knew we needed to work really well as a team and execute on the strategy. As part of the process, we built in time, post-launch, for regular site audits and iterations based on audit results.

Subsequent to the last site review, we identified that some of the pages weren’t delivering against targets and we made the decision to rethink some of those pages, starting with the news section of the site. After writing a brief and setting objectives, the next step was to work closely with the design team to realise that brief.

As normal, our creative process begins with brainstorming and all team members (Head of Digital Strategy, Head of Marketing & Communications and Lead Web Designer) gathering around our Large Format Display in our boardroom.

To help the design team better understand our vision for the project, we started out by collectively reviewing our news page and comparing this with news pages from other companies. To do this is in a holistic way and to allow us to quickly share and compare lots of different news pages from lots of websites, we used our Montage Wireless Presentation System. This allows us to simultaneously stream content from multiple devices to the Large Format Display.

So in effect you can have 6 devices showing 6 web pages from 6 different companies streaming to the display at the same time. Pre wireless presentation we were screen-grabbing websites, pasting them into a word document, sending them to the design team,scheduling time to work through that document together, which was usually done by hard-wiring a laptop to a screen.

Once on screen, the annotation tool in the Montage wireless presentation system also made it easier for us to highlight and ‘circle’ our favourite sections of the news page as well as quickly pointing out flaws, like No CTA or areas that confused the reader. Our boardroom Large Format Display is touch enabled also, making the entire collaborative process seamless and literally at our finger tips.

Ed & Chris Working on Web Page.jpg

During the session, our lead web designer added a collaborative whiteboard from the Montage wireless presentation system and started to sketch out ideas for the new web page. This was a rough ‘wire frame’ on the whiteboard which he then saved using Montage and shared it with everyone with the press of a button during the session.

Web Page Wire frames on montage.jpg

We ended the session within 1 hour and finished with new concept which all three team members contributed to and were happy with. The web designer had full exposure to the marketing team’s thoughts and the marketing team had full exposure to what could be achieved within word press and what was best practice in terms of user experience.

What was great was being able to achieve so much in one session (as opposed to the back and forth of document swapping and hard to contextualise email threads. Within 3 days we had an enhanced news and press web page which looks like it’s on course to achieve objectives.

With the annotation capabilities of Montage, team members can write and annotate over documents together and save and send these to each meeting participant during the meeting.

4 screens collaborating on montage.jpg


To sum up our experience, being able to collectively come together and wirelessly screen share our ideas, making comparisons with original content and potential new content really helped us to focus and create new ideas as a team.

We could make suggestions and changes in real time while sketching out new ideas using the whiteboard function of Montage. We were all equal players in the game of creating, editing and contributing to content at the same time.

Interested in finding our more about Montage wireless presentation for your construction company? View this video today and book a demo below.

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