As class sizes expand, can unlimited connections keep up?

DisplayNoteBlog Oct 24, 2023

The DisplayNote Montage software has an unlimited connections feature – allowing students to join a session at the same time. Saving a teacher time and keeping everyone involved in a lesson.

With unlimited connections, there is no limit on how many students can join the session at once, allowing teachers to seamlessly switch between their students and allow them to present to the class.

The ability to have unlimited connections provides teachers with real-time insights into students’ thought processes, allowing for on-the-spot feedback and targeted assistance. This interactive approach also helps caters to diverse learning styles, ensuring that students receive personalized support if they need it.

Watch the video illustration for more information below.

The benefits of unlimited connections

  • Less time inviting students to present
  • Fewer interruptions to the lesson
  • More student engagement and participation
  • Increased usage of classroom equipment and student devices

How do unlimited connections work?

The names of connected students are displayed in the lobby area of the Montage home screen, giving a teacher full visibility over who has joined a session. To invite a student to present, simply tap on their name, and they will receive an invitation on their device to share their screen.

Unlimited Connections works alongside Moderator Mode, meaning students need to be invited by the teacher before they can present. This gives a teacher complete control over who can share and when, avoiding unwanted disruptions. Plus, with Montage Grid View too you can display the screen of up to four students side by side on the classroom screen.

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