How universities can drive enrolment with a wireless presentation system.

DisplayNoteBlog Aug 24, 2017

Universities historically exist as institutions for the creation and dispersion of knowledge. But today, many young people enter university solely to prepare for careers.Those people will, no doubt, have a diverse range of needs depending on their career of choice and indeed the types of jobs young people are pursuing is changing rapidly. Against a backdrop of old industries dying, cultural shifts in the world of world of work, the types of skills young people need/want is changing.

Occupations that rely on people skills, like health care and social assistance have increased. Online trading has driven a 20% increase in employment within the financial sector. Jobs requiring high-level-difficult to replicate skills like portfolio managers have increased by 40%.

Of course, some young people will pursue subjects they are deeply passionate about, but now, more than ever need career advice and workplace experience to develop and apply their skills in an occupational context.

Entrepreneurial skills are increasingly needed if the trend for self-creation of jobs continues.

What’s the role of the university?

Universities need to ensure they have the right models of education to suit a range of interests and career aspirations.

To do this, universities need to overcome their fair share of challenges. One of the main tasks is providing a stimulating, enriching learning environment, with first-rate facilities to staff and students, as well as providing an anytime, anywhere learning experience. They need to attract the best students, including students from overseas. They must deliver excellent quality courses to their students, especially now with the rising tuition fees.

Another challenge universities face – students nowadays are used to the best technology available – nothing less. They want technology to make their lives and studies easier. How can universities provide the best technological experience to their students, that helps with their studies, as opposed to hinders?

In order to help overcome these challenges, stakeholders of universities need to be constantly looking to revolutionise their services, and constantly come up with ideas and initiatives to drive enrolment.


Putting technology in the hands of students helps prepare them for life-long success. No matter what vocation you endeavour to follow, technology will play a huge role. By implementing cutting-edge technology in universities, you are helping prepare students for life outside of education.

Important skills required in the world of work include communication, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and the sharing of knowledge.

Wireless Presentation Solutions

Wireless presentation solutions help boost these skills. An excellent benefit of a wireless presentation solution in universities is how they are used for a group project.

With Montage Wireless Presentation Solution, students can connect to a session, and brainstorm their project, using features like an interactive whiteboard, and annotation tools. This is a great way to share ideas and knowledge, and decide who has the best skills to take responsibility for certain areas. The whiteboard can be saved and sent to all members of the group, who can go and individually work on their part of the project.

When it’s time to regroup, everyone can share what they’ve done so far up to one main screen. Switching between work is seamless. Everyone can contribute to the project, and highlight or annotate over content, which can be saved on their devices. It opens up a great forum for critical thinking and collaboration.

What’s more, with Montage, students can join a session, even if they’re not in the same room. We all know life sometimes gets in the way, even in the working world, and it can be difficult for an entire group to arrange a time that suits them all. We allow students the ability to connect from any device, anywhere – ensuring they are part of the group at all times.

Using this cutting edge technology boosts teamwork amongst students, and helps prepare them for their vocations in the future.

Final Thoughts.

By offering this type of technology, universities can boost enrolment and drive the provision of great quality courses to young adults.

By utilising this technology, Universities are not only delivering a much better service; they are also creating a competitive edge, encouraging more students to choose their service over other similar faculties.

Check out how Loughborough University are using Montage, and the benefits they are achieving.

The great news is that Montage is available as both software, and hardware – we know there will be a solution to fit your needs.

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