Wireless presentation & collaboration just got an upgrade.

DisplayNoteBlog Feb 1, 2017

Montage 1.2 Now Available

Today we introduced Montage 1.2, a new version of Montage that ups the power and utility of what a wireless presentation system can do. 1.2 comes with a host of new features including two that are most significant for in-room presentation.

  • Support for full HD
  • Dual Band Wireless Networking

What’s new?

Montage now supports Full HD/1080p as standard which creates an even better experience when you’re streaming from devices to large format displays; no more over-scanning, under-scanning, or reinterpreting the signal to a lower resolution.

We’ve added a brand new Wi-Fi Card that supports dual band so that you can choose whether to transmit on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. As well as providing maximum flexibility, you’ll see quicker connections and a cleaner picture. In addition running Montage as an access point is much more powerful – we’ve tested this in the toughest of environments, an AV tradeshow, and we’re very excited about what it can do.

1.2 also adapts to the way larger organisations work. For enterprises that don’t necessarily want end-points or have a fixed PC in a room (for example a stand-alone laptop in a University or a mini-Pc in a conference room), Montage can now be deployed onto your network.

Overall we’ve made a lot of improvements to the video stability and streaming capabilities in Montage and we’re very pleased with this latest round of updates…we hope you will be too.


  • 1080p Support
  • Enhanced Network Management
  • Brand New Wi-Fi Card
  • Audio Through the DisplayPort
  • Improvements to Video Stability & Streaming
  • Deploy Montage on your Enterprise Network

Next Steps…

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