Removing wires from your meeting room can make you more competitive.

DisplayNoteBlog May 27, 2016

One of the key benefits of a wireless presentation system is the removal of unnecessary wires from your meeting spaces with the goal being your team walking into any meeting room, and with a couple of clicks on their device, wirelessly send what’s on their screen to the main meeting room screen.

But how does this relatively small change make such a difference to your competitiveness as an organisation?

Time Saving

We’ve all been there at some point, needing a cable for our device, the micro-USB, USB 2.0 or HDMI lead, urgently needing to connect devices for some reason… you reach into your laptop bag and you’re faced with this mess of tangled cables.

What was “gimme a second and I’ll connect up…” quickly becomes, “OK… I’ll be ready in about 5 minutes… maybe less if you all can help me untangle this?” So what? Well, think about how many times that can occur over the course of every day, every location and every meeting room and the bottom line implications soon come into focus.

Better Decisions

Wireless Presentation Systems also allow you to simultaneously view what’s happening on the screens of multiple meeting participants. Being able to compare the screen of participant A to participant B or participant A to participants B, C, D means that you can quickly share, compare and analyze data and information with minimised fuss – it puts an an end to sending an email round and waiting on everyone answering it when they get a chance or turning screens around for everyone else to view and interpret.

For companies, a wireless approach to meeting spaces means gaps in knowledge, or data trends can be identified and actioned quicker than before.

Involve Everyone

Remote participants, in some cases, can’t see what’s happening on the main screen. It’s not unusual to be in a meeting and have someone move a video camera to show remote participants the contents of the whiteboard or for someone to describe over the phone what’s happening. The wire-free approach to meeting room collaboration makes it easier for distributed teams to connect, contribute and contextualise.

Next Steps

What tips do you have for optimising meeting time?

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