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Check your ticket and find your seat: Onboarding is the show you don’t want to miss

Lianne Cassidy Apr 6, 2023

It’s a common story. You’ve listened to the staff feedback, you’ve tried troubleshooting the issues, you see the technology shortfalls that are causing problems week after week. You’ve finally found a solution that ticks the boxes and solves the problems, you’ve got the sought after buy-in and budget approval from upstairs. Result!

Now what?

There’s installation and setup to go through, then testing and the dreaded staff training. And this is the challenge, how do you make sure users understand and adopt a tech solution that you just know, is gonna make their lives easier?

Enter Onboarding. Any solution worth it’s salt will do most of the hard work for you. And this goes beyond laying out the installation journey. Onboarding is essential in embedding a solution into an organisation and support new user engagement to improve the experience for the user.

The Eureka Moment

A product onboarding’s job is to help every user have that eureka moment. The solution makes sense and the user can visualize using the product and all the problems it will solve. A new normal is created, making the way they worked before seem clunky and archaic.

Without onboarding, users may lose interest or write off a product without realizing the value of features and the positive impact they could have.

So stick around as we delve into what goes into a good onboarding and how you can successfully implement software solutions.

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